Demonstration: Mike Sorge

March 17, 2018
Folk Art Center

This month, Mike Sorge is our demonstrator. A member of CMW, Mike does some very interesting and creative pieces, including stacked sculptures and natural edge vessels. He'll also give a workshop on Sunday, March 18th.

Here's an overview of his demo on the 17th.

“Big Air Geometric Turnings; Safety & Methods in Turning Large Diamonds, Triangles, Squares & Hearts”. ~ Mike will demonstrate turning a Large Utilitarian Diamond Bowl w/ 2nd Inner Cored Bowl, a Heart Bowl, and his Trillium (triangle) Pagoda Lidded Box including points listed below. Mike will provide his own geometric turning blanks and donate the Diamond Bowl to the club.

  1. Easily, efficiently and cost effectively making diamond & equilateral triangle turning blanks.

  2. Securely mounting geometric and heart turning blanks onto the lathe; assured clear distance.

  3. Safety: Tools & grinds, lathe speed, lighting, ghost imaging, preventing tip fractures and edge tear out.

  4. Design strategies: Approach and application of tools to obtain desired design.

  5. Using the Kel McNaughton Center Saver System to core extra bowls from Geometric Turning Blanks.

  6. Making 2-tone wood lid glue-ups and lid design.

  7. Turning lids: Shaping including the deep channel/cove cut.

  8. Discuss Sanding & Finishing.

For his class on Sunday, students can choose from turning "big air" bowls or "big air" lidded boxes.

You can see his work at